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Ola, just saying hello

Updated: May 18, 2020

What, why and who....... always a good place to start the story...

Once in a while you get a moment of clarity an inspiration and they don't come that frequently. ...”

March 2020, will go down in history for the month the world came to an abrupt stop! Corona Virus.... and with the UK instructed to stay home, stay safe the wedding industry crashed to the floor taking dreams and sadly some businesses with it.

Pause, reset, rebrand

I'm a huge believer in ceasing every opportunity given, and with my dad's voice virtually whispering in my head "Find your grit, and go for it". Donna, what are you talking about you maybe asking, well for way too long I've wanted to fully rebrand The Unconventional Florist and connect proudly with couples on a totally different level. Two months of lockdown, and plenty of time to think has given me the time to re-evaluate , press reset and step forward with a simple ethos 'Be who you are'


"Stripped Back, Authentic and Earthy" thats the new fresh statement I'm putting out into the world, basically I'm standing loud and proud taking inspiration from nature, the seasons, colours, textures and blending it all with vision, YOUR vision. Remember this is all about you, your wedding, your desire to just be YOU.


Weddings are a celebration of love, commitment and connection, two families coming together as one. Pinterest, Instagram and social media highlights grand displays of flowers, lavish luxury displays with whopping price tags...... if I m honest thats not me and I know thats not some of you either.. so to the WHO, I'm more comfortable in my wellies plodging in a stream, or make up free on a Sunday morning happily watching the waves roll in with a flask full of coffee.... so my thinking is when it comes to wedding decor maybe an alternative approach, something a little more earthy, natural and stripped back may required.


Now is the time to throw formality out the window and embrace 'YOU' so if your thinking outdoor forest ceremony, laid back BBQ reception or a smaller more intimate wedding is for you then go for it..... and if you need a like minded soul to bounce an idea off give me a call or drop me a message I'd love to chat.

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