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The wedding industry has traditionally operated within the realms of lavishness and excess, sadly for far too long its been a throwaway industry... operating on a one-day single-use policy and although I m not the greatest at recycling personally (I do try) I couldn't stand back and watch this to happen on such a huge scale.

Starting with small tweaks to the business, paperless administration, removing single-use plastics and all-foam products,  the largest impact and influence has been collaborations with environmentally aware couples.... Originally the business was called The Timeless Table, in 2018 we just outgrew the name and rebranded to The Unconventional Florist which I feel suits our ethos and approach perfectly... hope you feel the same

Blogs, editorials 

I m delighted to say our work has been featured in so many fabulous media forms, love my dress, whimsical wonderful weddings, rock and roll bride, BBC, Channel 4 and so many more.... What the media says


The team has worked with various budgets and unusual project designs. As a small artisan team, we value quality over quantity, therefore, work on a limited number of weddings per year to ensure outstanding customer service and attention to detail.

2020 has been a weird year for all of us, Corona Virus has certainly sent the wedding season into a whirling spiral with many couples sadly forced to reschedule their wedding to 2021. Our availability for 2021/22 is now limited...please get in contact sooner rather than later to discuss your wedding needs. 

*Please note all our April to September 2020 couples who have rescheduled their wedding have been moved in our diary at no additional cost,  and offered new complimentary seasonal designs where applicable. At this time teamwork and understanding is key. 

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