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Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them and pretty soon you have a dozen... Steinbeck

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Our creativity is limitless, unlike our diary! Our ethos is quality not quantity: we pay particular attention to ​inspiration and research, creativity and collaboration with you. This all takes time, commitment and passion, it's an in-depth process to ensure the end design is as unique and individual as you. The name The Unconventional Florist has two meanings; firstly we do things very differently, we get to know you, your ideas and your wedding style, and secondly; we are not interested in recreating or churning out packages ... that is not our thing and probably not yours either!

We also understand that no wedding budget is unlimited,  we pride ourselves on being transparent with our costings and communication. We will let you know what can be achieved, created and explored within your specific given budget.

We do have a minimum order limit of £1000

The below fees are for guide reference only, your final costing/fees will essentially be determined by the florals, containers, textiles and the scale of the design you decide upon.

If you are looking for a package service with tick box options and where designs are reproduced weekly, we are not the team for you. 

Guide FEES


Bridal / Grooms hand-tied bouquet from £125 


Bridesmaid / Groomens hand-tied bouquet from £75 


Flowergirl hand-tied bouquet from £45


Wildstyle funky buttonhole with quirky accessories (Feather, twine, lego for example) from £25.50 


Modern floral and greenery buttonhole from £15.50


Ladies corsage from £25


Pew Ends from £45


Twisted modern long and low arrangement for church / registrar/ celebrant table from £250


Wildstyle garlands from £65 per metre 


Willowy and wild-styled floral and seasonal greenery ceremony arch 

(Structure included - wood, copper, and twisted stand)

from Greenery Only £450

from Greenery and Florals £550 


Table decor from £75

Kind Words


“I searched the internet for months trying to find someone like me, I don't like traditional flowers and the thought of having a boring bouquet filled me with dread! if I just googled my three keywords I would have found Donna earlier.. Donna's first reply to my email was hilarious, basically, she said don't stress, let's get creative and the rest is history. I love dark designs, rich colours and anything spiritual so I really loved Donna's idea of incorporating crystals, salt lamps, and natural textured materials into my wedding decor. Donna, also recommended less is more as my venue is rustic and stunning, she asked questions about my menu, how it would be served,  the number of glasses per guest setting, stationery etc, all to understand table space, and to ensure no guest felt blocked out by florals or my caterers would struggle to place dishes. On my wedding day, I  burst into happy tears when Donna handed me my bouquet, huge, wild and full of greenery blended with the most deliciously deep n dark blood roses and obscure weird florals sneaking into the design. Donna finished my bouquet with black velvet ribbon, hand-printed red ribbon and black pearls, a bouquet of dreams. If you are looking for traditional or boring wedding flowers, Donna isn't for you... if you want to work with a creative, someone who gets eclectic and bold, who listens and who takes the time to understand your vision and explore designs, then you will be in safe hands with Donna. 

Emma x


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